Exodus 29 : Consecrating the priests

February 18, 2024 ·

This is how the priests are to be consecrated:

Aaron is to be dressed in the priestly garments, and his sons will wear tunics with headbands and sashes. A bull is to be sacrificed for sins, a ram for a burnt offering, and another ram for ordination. The blood from the ordination ram is to be applied to Aaron, his sons, and the altar. Aaron is then to wave the inner parts of the ram and some bread before God, before burning them. The ram of ordination is to be consumed. The ordination process will last seven days, with a bull and two lambs sacrificed each day.

Key verse:
45. I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God. 

My thoughts:
This intricate and somewhat unusual process was crucial as it consecrated the most sacred individuals in the community, namely the priests and especially the high priest (Aaron). The ceremony places a strong emphasis on animal sacrifices. Sacrifice implies a genuine offering, and the substantial quantity of bulls, lambs, and rams required for this ceremony would entail considerable expense. These offerings were all necessary to ‘appease’ God, as these imperfect human priests were appointed to serve before a holy God. Over time, the Jews misjudged God’s valuation of such sacrifices (refer to Hosea 6:6).

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