Exodus 7 : Let the plagues begin!

December 4, 2023 ·

God sends Moses to Pharaoh with Aaron as Moses’ instrument. God tells Moses that He will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and Pharaoh will not comply with Moses and Aaron.

Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and turn Moses’ staff into a snake. The magicians replicate this feat using secret arts, but Aaron’s snake devours the others. Later, Moses and Aaron meet Pharaoh while he is by the Nile, but Pharaoh continues to refuse to listen to them. Aaron places the staff into the Nile, causing all the water to turn into blood, forcing the Egyptians to dig trenches for drinking water. The fish also die. The magicians are also able to replicate this using their secret arts. Despite these signs, Pharaoh remains obstinate and refuses to heed Moses.

Key verse:
3. But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt,

My thoughts:
It is hard to determine the exact roles of Moses and Aaron in this narrative. It is possible that Moses is not always present when Aaron goes to Pharaoh or is often in the background. The staff alternates between being Moses’ and Aaron’s.

Even though Pharaoh does not comply, God is in full control. In fact, it is God who is preventing Pharaoh from complying. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why God appears to be working on both sides. For example, here, God is pushing for His people to be freed but is also preventing their freedom. One thing we can observe about God in these situations is His absolute dominance. Nothing happens if He does not allow it, so in a way, all things, whether good or bad, are allowed by God. It is encouraging to know that God is completely in control, but the question remains: Why doesn’t God just stop the bad things? It is a significant issue, which I will briefly address by suggesting that we do not currently live in a perfect world, and God has no intention of making the world perfect until Jesus returns.

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