Genesis 32 : Jacob Wrestles with God

July 2, 2023 ·

Jacob sets off towards Canaan and sends a message ahead to his brother, Esau. Upon learning that Esau is approaching with 400 men, Jacob becomes fearful and divides his group into two, hoping that at least one might survive in case of an attack. He also sends a caravan of gifts to Esau, hoping to appease him.

That night, Jacob finds himself alone and engages in a wrestling match with a mysterious man. They wrestle throughout the night, and as daybreak approaches, the man touches Jacob’s hip, causing it to become disjointed. Despite the pain, Jacob persists and demands a blessing from the man. He receives the blessing and is subsequently renamed Israel. It is revealed that the man Jacob wrestled with was, in fact, God.

Key verse: 

  1. So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel, saying, “For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been delivered.”

My thoughts:
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob often exhibit a tendency to become fearful that others seek to harm them without cause, and they are frequently humbled as a result. While their faith occasionally shines through, there are moments where they demonstrate a lack of trust in God’s provision.

In this particular instance, Jacob, known for his deceitful nature, undergoes a transformative experience as he becomes Israel, the progenitor of a nation and one who wrestles with God. This serves as a significant turning point in Jacob’s life, where he fully embraces the calling that God has for him. The mysterious wrestling encounter can be seen as one of the ways God molds Jacob/Israel into the servant He intends him to be.

Jacob steadfastly refuses to release God until he receives a blessing. This persistent pleading or praying to God can prove effective, as seen in the parable of the persistent woman. Sometimes we must stand firm and not relent until God grants us what we seek.

This chapter exemplifies the recurring presence of the God-like figure in Genesis, often referred to as the angel of the Lord or the Godman.

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