Genesis 13: Abram and Lot Part Ways

June 13, 2023 ·

Genesis Chapter Thirteen:
Abram and Lot leave Egypt and go to Negev. They both have lots of possessions. They then travel around ending up where Abram had built his altar between Bethel and Ai. Abram’s men and Lot’s men start quarreling, so Abram and Lot decide to part ways to stop the fighting. Abram goes west to Canaan, and Lot goes east to the Jordan, near Sodom and Gomorrah. God restates his promise that Abram’s descendants will be many and will live in Canaan. Abram ends up living at Hebron, and builds an altar there.

Key verse:
v.16 I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth, so that if one can count the dust of the earth, your offspring also can be counted.

My thoughts:
Sometimes with all the goodwill in the world, people end up separating because of disagreements. Abram and Lot loved each other, but given the situation they decided it best to part ways. Sometimes Christians feel that they ought to be best friends with everyone, and that any disagreement should be seen as a failure. However I do believe that sometimes, when tension and conflict is rising, it is best to go different directions with each other’s blessing, whether physically or in vision. Paul also did this with Barnabas (Acts 15).

In this passage, God again states that Abram’s descendants will be a great nation of people. Though this may seem obvious to us now, remember that Abram’s wife was infertile! From a human perspective is was extremely unlikely that Abram would father a nation through Sarai. But then, God doesn’t think from a human perspective…

Hebron, where Abram builds the altar, eventually becomes the capital city of Israel for the first years of King David’s reign, before he captures Jerusalem.

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