Genesis 7: The Great Flood

June 7, 2023 ·

God told Noah to put seven of each clean animal (and bird) and two of each unclean animal into the boat. Seven days later, it started raining and continued to rain for 40 days and nights, causing the water levels to rise and cover the mountains by 20 feet. Everything outside the boat perished, and the flood covered the earth for a hundred and fifty days.

Key verse:
5. And Noah did all that the LORD had commanded him

My thoughts:
This chapter serves as a turning point, marking the transition from divine warning to cataclysmic judgment. Here, we see the culmination of God’s plan to cleanse the earth of its pervasive wickedness and corruption.

This chapter begins with God instructing Noah to gather the animals, both clean and unclean, and bring them into the ark. This command highlights the importance of preserving the diversity of life during this monumental event. Noah’s obedience is evident as he faithfully carries out God’s instructions, demonstrating his unwavering faith and trust in the divine guidance.

After seven days, the rain begins, initiating the onslaught of the floodwaters that would engulf the earth. For forty days and nights, the rain continues nonstop, and the waters rise, submerging everything in its path. The magnitude of this described in how the water levels reach even the highest mountains, covering them by twenty feet. It emphasizes the extent of God’s judgment and the thoroughness of the cleansing process.

Tragically, all life outside the ark perishes, highlighting the severity of God’s judgment on humanity’s wickedness. This devastating consequence underscores the gravity of sin and the consequences it carries. The flood becomes a profound symbol of divine justice, underscoring the accountability humans bear for their actions.

The chapter concludes by revealing that the floodwaters cover the earth for a period of one hundred and fifty days. This extended period underscores the thoroughness of the flood and its lasting impact on the world. The flood becomes a watershed moment, representing not only the end of one era but also the beginning of a new chapter in human history.

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